AlMeer Provides electrical services at jeddah & rabigh terminals

February 1, 2024

We are pleased to announce that AlMeer Saudi has successfully secured a substantial contract with Saudi Aramco to provide Electrical Services at Jeddah and Rabigh Terminals. In our capacity as the appointed contractor, we assume responsibility for the provision of all requisite elements, including management, supervision, labor, equipment, tools, and materials.

The scope of the project involves the installation, replacement, testing, and commissioning of new power and control cables, as well as to the pertinent piping and equipment connected within a fifty-kilometer radius from the main gates of Jeddah and Rabigh Terminals. Furthermore, we are tasked with the supply and re-lamping of security, street, and plant lights throughout the facilities situated in Jeddah and Rabigh.

Our commitment to operational excellence extends to a swift and efficient response to service requests emanating from the client facilities in Jeddah and Rabigh.