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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Measuring instruments are the ‘heartbeat’ of your company as they check and measure your production processes. They control the quality of your products and in the end are responsible for the success and the profitability of your business.

A regular check of your ‘heartbeat’ with traceable calibration equipment is essential. First, it ensures your quality always matches the customer’s expectations which is vital where ISO 9000 certification is involved. Second, regular calibration pays dividends.

  • Consistent quality of your production output.
  • Lower operating cost due to enhanced reliability.
  • Optimal access to international markets.
  • Establishing a quality system.
  • Address quality audit and reviews.
  • Maintain quality of specifications.
  • Meet production control criteria.
  • Measure inspection and testing results.
  • Establish calibration traceability.

Reason to Calibrate

‘Calibration’ means that the test results from a measuring device (or source) of unknown accuracy, are compared with a device whose accuracy is known. This device is universally accepted as a ‘reference’ and traceable to international standards. Calibration records any deviation from this standard and corrects it when necessary. Each instrument has a specific calibration procedure which indicates exactly how and what must be checked.

Regular and traceable calibration combines the forces of accuracy and certainty and provides you with the key aspect of ISO 9000 registration.

Scope of Accreditation

Various Services provided by AlMeer Calibrating division include

  • Calibration, test and repair of Process Instrumentation.
  • Repair, overhaul, refurbishment, testing and calibration of Safety / Control / Mechanical / ESD Valves, Safety equipment and test equipment.
  • Onsite calibration, testing, servicing and commissioning of various types of process instruments and valves.
  • MV & LV Switchgears, Transformers, Cables and other Electrical equipment Testing.
  • Fiber-optic cable splicing, termination and testing.
  • Field and onsite Commissioning services.
  • Provision of skilled manpower for Commissioning support and specialized service.
  • Rental of Electrical & Instrument Test Equipment.
  • Fibre Optic Testing Services.

Calibration Services you can Trust

AlMeer is a company with little room for error. That’s why, as the calibration services provider, AlMeer needs its instruments to be ready to support accurate field testing and metering of complex communications, navigation and surveillance systems. AlMeer provides repair, calibration and instrument support services to customers that demand the best.

It’s the work of AlMeer Calibration Laboratory to keep more instruments and meters working to specification by providing calibration services and ensuring measurement integrity and traceability. Calibration shop is equipped with standard Test equipment which have traceability to primary standards like NAMAS and NIST standards. 

AlMeer’s Calibration Service experts have the experience and knowledge to help tailor calibration solutions to meet your operational objectives, at a competitive price.