AlMeer to Perform On-Line Valves Sealing at Shaybah Off-Plots

March 7, 2024

AlMeer Saudi is proud to announce that we have been awarded a contract to provide valve maintenance services at SYPD fields in Shaybah. This project will ensure the smooth operation of isolation valves by applying industry best practices for On-Line Greasing & Stroking for Stuck Valves.

AlMeer Saudi is to perform the necessary work as soon as it is recommended by Operations and Maintenance team of Saudi Aramco. This proactive approach ensures minimal disruption to operations.

Scope of work includes:

Thorough Inspection: Visually inspect the valves, checking for gland leaks and the condition of grease fittings.
Quality Replacement: Any defective grease fittings are promptly replaced with stainless steel fittings according to SA standards.
Pressure Check: Before removing grease fittings, ensure the internal check valve is holding pressure.
Efficient Cleaning: Clean the valves internally using Seal weld valve cleaner plus and odyssey solvent to remove old grease and debris.
Precision Lubrication: Inject lubricant for optimal performance.
Gearbox Maintenance: Open the gearbox cover, clean out old grease, inspect spare parts, and apply new multipurpose grease.
Surface Preparation: Clean valve stems from any paint and apply dry lubricant for smooth operation.
Operation Check: Stroke the valve to ensure it operates smoothly.

In addition to valve maintenance, we also specialize in on-line valve sealant procedures and stem packing replacement. Our services include:

  • Injecting chemical cleaner through sealant fittings to stop leaks.
  • Using approved sealants.
  • Handling transportation of defective valves to and from the plant.