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Lighting Poles

AlMeer is a reputable cost effective, high quality and volume producer of lighting poles. We manufacture and market tubular steel poles for use in highway and street lighting, traffic signage, electrical distribution systems, transmission towers, camera mounting, solar lighting systems and decorative for streetscape lighting poles and fixtures.

Our customers enjoy our fast deliveries of high volume top quality engineered structures to serve a full range of infrastructure needs. Let us help to light up your world!

AlMeer Control Panel

Control Panels

We offer a large selection of control panel designs to suit individual customer needs. With many years of industry experience, our range of control panel designs is suitable for most applications in the mechanical, industrial and processing industries.

We will gladly provide the information and assistance you require to choose us as your supplier for custom control panels.

AlMeer Cable Tray

Cable Trays

Cable Trays are manufactured for the smooth and easy pulling of cable from one point to another. These are mostly used to support insulated electrical cables which are used for power distribution and communication. Cable Trays are also used as an alternatives to open wiring or electrical conduit systems. The former is very advantageous in situations where changes to the wiring system is anticipated, since new cables can be easily be laid on the tray instead of pulling them through a pipe. 

AlMeer cable ladder

Cable Ladder

Adaptable, safe and cost-effective AlMeer cable ladder systems set the standard for cable handling systems. There is an AlMeer cable management solution for all types projects and facilities. The high standard of quality and unique features make the AlMeer cable ladder the preferred choice of installers and facility owners.

AlMeer cable trunk

Cable Trunk

Cable Trunk systems are commonly used for indoor purposes, office buildings etc. The Cable Trunking types and sizes with matching fitting and accessories that conforms to BS 4678 part-1, produced from pre-galvanized steel sheets to BS 2989 or equivalent. Its unique speed lock cover locking system gives fast and easy lid fixing and effortless removal, screw fix cover is also available. Non-standard material type and optional finishes such as hot dip Galvanized after Fabrication (HDGAP) finish according to BS EN ISO 1461 and epoxy painted to RAL colors are also available upon request.

Channel Support

Channel Supports are commonly used whenever there is a need to install cable tray, cable ladder, lighting, piping, ducting or any other building services. It is used for flexible installation which can be assembled with minimum of effort with no welding or on-site fabrication work and conforms to BS 6946. Includes all of the most popular channels (plain and slotted), brackets, spring nuts and other fastenings. Channel Support is usually formed from metal sheet, folded over into an open channel shape with inwards-curving lips to provide additional stiffness and as a location to mount interconnecting components. The main advantage of channel support in construction is that there are many options available for rapidly and easily connecting lengths together and other items to the strut channel, using various specialized strut-specific fasteners and bolts.

Wire Mesh

Welded wire or “wire-mesh” is a large regulatory category of wire fabric. Wire mesh has wide applications in the industry, agriculture, science and technology and national defense. Weld mesh is the term given to the kind of barrier fencing that is manufactured in square or rectangular mesh from steel wire, welded at each intersection. It is usually affixed to steel uprights and sometimes used in reinforced concrete, notably for slabs. Wire mesh, or screen is mainly used in: Aviation, aerospace, printing, dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, food, food processing and chemical industry. Mesh Screen has basically four functions: Screening, filter, Printing and strengthening. In addition, woven wire mesh can be used to make quarry screen in petroleum industry, as acid washing mesh in chemical and chemical fiber industry, and electro-galvanizing industry, it is used as sifting screen for solid particles and powder, or as filter media for liquid and gas in the industries such as metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, automobile, porcelain, glass and so on.