Solution Driven Expertise

Complete Project List

#Contract TitleClient Completion Year
1Voltage Conversion at SGPDSaudi Aramco2025
2SGPD UPS Repair & TroubleshootingSaudi Aramco2025
3Maintain SGPD Wells ESD & Hydraulic PanelsSaudi Aramco2025
4Analyzers Maintenance Service at Abqaiq PlantsSaudi Aramco2025
5HdGOSP-2 Burn Pit RepairSaudi Aramco2025
6PM for all Valves & Greasing Skid at ShayabahSaudi Aramco2025
7NGPD Hydraulic Panel PM Schedule RepairSaudi Aramco2025
8Base Crew Manpower & Equipment - RTPDSaudi Aramco2024
9T&I of Sea Island #2 - Testing and Inspection (T&I) and Repair of Sea Island#2 at Ras Tanura. Scope includes Piping, Structural, Blasting, Coating, Electrical & Instrumentation works.Saudi Aramco2024
10Process Analyzer Maintenance at SRF Plant Saudi Aramco2024
11Burn Pit Construction & PipingSaudi Aramco2024
12Tap Changers Repair at Substation 90Saudi Aramco2024
13PM & repair for SGPD AnalyzersSaudi Aramco2024
14Preventive Maintenance for Ventil Relief Valve Test BenchesSaudi Aramco2024
15Voltage Conversion Phase-III; DhahranSaudi Aramco2024
16Voltage Conversion Program Phase-III; Southern AreaSaudi Aramco2024
17RGW & Neutralization Plants AutomationSaudi Aramco2024
18IA Tie in Additional WorksSaudi Aramco2023
19Design Engineering, Supply & Installation of XLPE Cable & Replacement of Existing LPOF CableSabic / Petro Kemya2023
20Upgrade Process Automation Systems – Southern AreaSaudi Aramco2023
21Voltage Conversion of 6 Office Buildings at DhahranSaudi Aramco2023
22ABSF Offshore Platforms ESD Systems ReplacementSaudi Aramco2023
23Mothballing of Off Plot Piping using Nitrogen at SGPD facilitiesSaudi Aramco2023
24Calibration, Inspection and RepairingSaudi Aramco2023
25Repair Scraper PushersSaudi Aramco2023
26Installation & Commission Test Bench at UDHSaudi Aramco2023
27Maintenance Management Consultancy ServicesKJO2023
28Power Factor Improvement as per ECRA requirementSABIC2023
29Smart Positioners Upgrade in Abqaiq Oil PlantsSaudi Aramco2022
30HGP Diesel Engines Preventive MaintenanceSaudi Aramco2022
31Maintenance Services for Analyzer at QSWPSaudi Aramco2022
32Electrical & Instrumentation Connection for HAWTAH-831Saudi Aramco2022
33Install Two Medium Voltage Vables at F13 Berri Gas PlantSaudi Aramco2022
34UGP Tool & Machines RepairsSaudi Aramco2022
35Flange Face Machining for UGPSaudi Aramco2022
36Maintain SGPD Wells ESD and Hydraulic PanelsSaudi Aramco2022
37KM-002E Power Cable ReplacementSaudi Aramco2022
38Repair & Calibration of Gas AnalyzersAl Khafji Joint Operations2022
39NGL CGTG Hazard Gas Remote CalibrationSaudi Aramco2021
40Revalidation and Mothballing of SAGPD Gas Flowlines and TrunklinesSaudi Aramco2021
41Red-Eye WCM & BS&W Analyzers Preventive Maintenance & RepairSaudi Aramco2021
42Replace BPM-0943 Motor Power CableSabic2021
43Maintenance, Servicing, and Overhauling of Actuated Control ValvesAl Khafji Joint Operations2021
44PTFE Lining of CS SpoolSabic2021
45Maintenance of Fire & Gas Detection SystemAl Khafji Joint Operations2021
46Preventive Maintenance for Ventil Relief Valve Test BenchesSaudi Aramco2021
47Valve Greasing and Sealing at SNGLSaudi Aramco2021
48Replace Defected MV Cable at Jubail Ar-Razi PlantSabic2021
49NGL MP HW Piping ReplacementSaudi Aramco2021
50Sea Island #4 T&I Saudi Aramco2021
51Installation & Commissioning Test BenchSaudi Aramco2021
52Modification of LP Separator Bridle Flushing SystemAl Khafji Joint Operations2020
53Oil Filtration at KJO Gas Plant Jalahmi/KJO2020
54Service to Carry Out Particle Count Test for Lube OilJalahmi/KJO2020
55Replacement of Motor on the Skid of Water Injection for Pump P-573BAl Khafji Joint Operations2020
56Maintenance, Servicing, and Overhauling of Actuated Control ValvesAl Khafji Joint Operations2020
57Installation and Commissioning of Nitrogen Generator Units at UGOSP-04 and UGOSP-13Saudi Aramco2020
58SWID Fire Detection Systems Upgrade at QSWPSaudi Aramco2020
59Voltage conversion of 6 office buildings at Rastanura, Abqaiq and UdhailiyahSaudi Aramco2020
60Upgrade Control System at Uthmaniyah and Hawiyah GOSPsSaudi Aramco2019
61Replace Communication Shelter at HawtahSaudi Aramco2019
62Provide Communication Shelters at Four SitesSaudi Aramco2019
63Installation of Air Compressor at Uthmaniyah Water Supply PlantSaudi Aramco2019
64Troubleshoot & Repair Back-up Diesel Generator PanelSaudi Aramco2019
65Shedgum Base Crew ServicesSaudi Aramco2019
66Communications Shelter at Abha & JizanSaudi Aramco2019
67PM for Grease Pump SkidsSaudi Aramco2019
68T&I of NP Berth No. 8 & 9 Saudi Aramco2019
69Base Crew Services NGPDSaudi Aramco2018
70Replace Remote Control System for Berth 52 Loading ArmsSaudi Aramco2018
71Calibrate / Certify Beamex EquipmentSaudi Aramco2018
72LED Flood Lights InstallationSaudi Aramco2018
73Redundant Power FeederSaudi Aramco2018
74Commissioning of 2 Numbers NSL Sulfur Pit AnalyzersSaudi Aramco2018
75Replace Cable For PH-4 Lox Backup PumpSabic2018
76Gravity Sewer Level Transmitters Installation at Hawtah FCCSaudi Aramco2018
77WCM & BS&W Analyzers Preventive Maintenance & RepairSaudi Aramco2017
78Replacement of Piping for SAFCO-III Utilities Acid Dosing PumpsSabic2016
79Offline Valves Repair and Greasing at Shedgum GOSP Saudi Aramco2016
80Valve Cleaning, Greasing, Sealing and Repair at QSWIPSaudi Aramco2015
81Assessment of Electrical EquipmentSaudi Aramco2014
82Roofing Insulation at QSWP for Operations, Laboratory and Maintenance BuildingsSaudi Aramco2014
83Service Contract for Analyzer Maintenance at Haradh Gas PlantSaudi Aramco2014
84Provide Hydraulic Torquing Services for NGID Total ShutdownSaudi Aramco2014
85Calibration and Recommissioning of Analyzers at KJO Gas PlantAl-Khafji Joint operations2014
86Replace Roofing Insulation of Switchgear Room at Abqaiq PlantsSaudi Aramco2014
87Repair of Pressure Control ValvesSaudi Aramco2014
88Provide Technicians for CPUSaudi Aramco2014
89Maintenance, Repair and Overhauling of Valves and Pumps at KJO during Gas Plant ShutdownAl Khafji Operation2013
90Maintenance of Valves and Pumps at Water Plant, KJOAl-Khafji Operation2013
91Service Contract for Analyzers MaintenanceSaudi Aramco2013
92Calibration of Rolls Royce Turbine Instrument at Gas Plant Al-Khaji Joint Operation2013
93Well Injection Pump & Motor Lube Oil System Troubleshooting, Repair & Start up at Abqaiq PCR-6Saudi Aramco2013
94Valve Troubleshooting, Repair & Testing at Abqaiq NQIPSaudi Aramco2013
95Valve Joint Leak Troubleshooting and Repair at Abqaiq SWIPSaudi Aramco2013
96Fabrication of Access Ladders and Safety CageSamsung2013
97Calibration of Inspection Unit devices at HGPDSaudi Aramco2013
98Flanged Joint Leak Repair at Abqaiq NWIPSaudi Aramco2013
99Fabrication of Transportation SaddlesMIS arabia2013
100Fabrication of Pipe HandrailsAl Bawardi Steel Industrial2013
101Structural Fabrication WorksSaudi Aramco2012
102Replacement of Roofing Insulation and Waterproofing for the Roof of Desalter Switchgear BuildingSaudi Aramco2012
103Calibration of PMI, UT Machine & UT Gage at HNGLSaudi Aramco2012
104Pump Alignment Job in AWWSU, PR4Saudi Aramco2012
105Fabrication of Channel Base Plates for Qurayyah IPP 380/230kV SubstationSamsung2012