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Al Khobar
Wednesday, October 4, 2023


T&I of NP Berth No. 8 & 9

Client: Saudi Aramco Contract Type: Maintenance (T & I) Work Location: Terminal South, Rastanura

Sea Island #4 T&I

Client : Saudi Aramco Contract Type: Maintenance (T & I) Work Location: Sea Island #4 Ras Tanura Brief Description of Work : AlMeer’s scope is to provide technical...

Smart Positioners Upgrade in Abqaiq Oil Plants

Client: Saudi Aramco      Contract Type: Maintenance – Instrumentation  Work Location: Abqaiq Oil Plants

Revalidation and Mothballing of SAGPD Gas Flowlines and Trunklines

Client: Saudi Aramco Contract Type: Pipeline Services and Maintenance Work Location: Southern Area Gas Producing Department,...

Upgrade Control System at Uthmaniyah GOSP 4, 13 and Hawiyah GOSP 2, 4

Client: Saudi Aramco Contract Type: LSTK (Lump Sum Turn Key Project) Work Location: Uthmaniyah GOSP 4, 13 & Hawiyah GOSP 2, 4 Brief Description of Work: The Complete Scope of...

WCM & BS&W Analyzers Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Client: Saudi Aramco Contract Type: Preventive Maintenance & Repair Work Location: Uthmaniyah, Hawiyah & Haradh Brief Description of Work: Preventive Maintenance & Repair of Basic Sediment and Water Cut Meter...