Turnaround & Inspection (T&I) of North Pier Berth Nos. 8 & 9


T&I of North Pier Berth Nos. 8 and 9, an integral Offshore facility located in Terminal South, Ras Tanura underwent an important aspect of maintenance that helped improved its life expectancy. This was done by AlMeer Saudi, where we provided technical services including supply of specialized manpower, labor, tools, equipment, and materials required for Turnaround and Inspection (T&I) and Repair of North Pier Berth Nos. 8 and 9
Our Turnaround activities included preventative care of Structure/Equipment, General Corrective Repair of faults, Strip-downs, Maintenance, Complete Replacement, and Overhaul.


Saudi Aramco

Project Type

T & I


Ras Tanura