Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Lump Sum Turnkey - LSTK

Our experience and expertise in performing Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) construction projects in various fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Civil works has made us a reputable Contractor in the Kingdom, known for timely project execution with economic benefits and high returns for our clients.

Lump Sum Procure Build - LSPB

AlMeer Saudi’s strategized procurement capabilities with a vast network of suppliers allow for efficient and timely construction to satisfy our customers’ requirements. We take full responsibility for all procurement and building activities, which are essential to the success of the project.

Engineering, Procurement, Installation, & Construction - EPIC

Our precise planning, execution, and coordination of large-scale systems for various industries has made us an industry leader in EPIC contracts. We cater to all our clients’ requirements for installation, configuration, and commissioning of all types of advanced systems.


Turnkey Maintenance

We take full responsibility for maintaining our client’s facilities and systems, with attention to maximizing the reliability and uptime of the facility equipment and infrastructure.

Shutdown and T&Is

At AlMeer Saudi, we pride ourselves with our exemplary T&I services during Facility Shutdowns. Our effective team ensures all maintenance, repair, and inspection services are complete within our client’s schedule.

Mechanical Maintenance

At AlMeer Saudi, our key focus is to ensure proper functioning, reliability, and longevity of our client’s mechanical systems, equipment, and machinery.

E&I Maintenance

Electrical and Instrumentation systems, equipment, and components are crucial resources which require systematic upkeep, repair, and servicing, that are provided by AlMeer Saudi, to ensure their reliable functionality for all types of processes.

Retrofitting & Upgrades

To enhance performance of existing resources and incorporate new technology, AlMeer Saudi provides the necessary skills and expertise to optimize the results of our client’s existing systems, equipment, machinery, and infrastructure.

Specialized Services


Systems Integration & Automation


Valve Services


Analyzer Maintenance Services


Calibration Services


Bolt Torquing & Tensioning


Cathodic Protection Services




Blasting & Painting

Wellhead Maintenance

Wellhead maintenance