Consistent Results

At Al Meer, we understand the significance of measuring instruments in ensuring the success and profitability of your business. These instruments act as the ‘heartbeat’ of your company, controlling product quality and compliance with ISO 9000 certification. Regular calibration with traceable equipment is crucial to maintain consistent quality, reduce operating costs, and access international markets.

What We Do?

Our Calibration Division offers a wide range of services to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your measuring instruments:

Calibration, testing, & repair of Process Instrumentation.

Overhaul, refurbishment, and calibration of Safety /Control / Mechanical / ESD Valves.

Field and onsite commissioning services

Rental of electrical Instrument Test Equipment and Fiber Optic Testing Services

Onsite calibration and testing of process instruments and valves


What Drives Us?

Calibration involves comparing the test results of a measuring device with a known reference to ensure accuracy. At Al Meer, we strive for precision and certainty, making our services indispensable for ISO 9000 registration and your production quality.

Our Calibration Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment, ensuring measurement integrity and traceability to primary standards like NAMAS and NIST. Trust Al Meer for reliable calibration solutions tailored to meet your operational objectives at competitive prices.