E&I Maintenance

Quality Results

In a world driven by technology and automation, electrical systems have become more complex and interconnected than ever before. From residential electrical circuits to industrial power grids, the need for skilled electrical maintenance professionals has never been greater. AlMeer Saudi, with its qualified electrical maintenance technicians, understand the importance of our customer’s needs for regular inspections, troubleshooting techniques, and the role of predictive maintenance in reducing downtime.

What We Do?

Our maintenance and T&I services spans Oil Production facilities, Refineries, Oil Piers and Terminals, Petrochemical Plants, Power Stations, Water Distillation and Pumping Stations of all scales. Some of AlMeer Saudi’s electrical maintenance service activities include:

Maintenance of Substations, Electrical Distribution Systems, Electrical Systems Operation, and other Electrical Installations.

HV, MV and LV Electrical Testing and Condition Monitoring.

Maintenance of Fire and Gas Detection and Protection Systems.

Maintenance of Field Instrumentation and Instrument Systems Packages, DCS and Auxiliary Control Systems, SCADA, PLC, Telemetry and Wireless Networks.

Maintenance of Process Analysers and Analytical Systems.

Maintenance of Well ESD Systems.

What Drives Us?

Major industrial giants entrust AlMeer with their facility maintenance, benefiting from our decades of experience. Our unmatched knowledge enables us to ensure optimum performance and high returns for our clients. We are experts in maintaining wellheads, pipelines, instrumentation, electrical systems, rotating equipment, and much more. With meticulous planning and comprehensive maintenance solutions, we support clients by allowing them to focus on their core activities, while we handle their invaluable assets with accuracy and expertise.