Lighting Poles

AlMeer is a reputable producer of high-quality lighting poles used for highway and street lighting, transmission towers, and more. We offer fast deliveries of engineered structures to meet various infrastructure needs, ensuring your world is brightly illuminated.


Cable Trays

Effortlessly pull and support insulated electrical cables with Al Meer’s durable cable trays. These trays offer advantages over conventional wiring systems, making future changes and additions simple and cost-effective.

Cable Ladders

AMeer’s adaptable and safe cable ladder systems are ideal for cable handling in various projects. Our high-quality cable ladders are preferred by installers and facility owners.

Cable Trunk

Ideal for indoor purposes, AMeer’s Cable Trunk systems conform to industry standards. With a unique speed lock cover locking system, they offer fast and easy installation and removal.

Channel Support

Al Meer’s Channel Support facilitates flexible installation of cable trays, lighting, and more. The metal sheet’s open channel shape provides additional stiffness and easy interconnecting of components, ensuring swift construction.

Wire Mesh

Used in diverse industries, wire mesh offers functions like screening, filtering, printing, and strengthening. Al Meer provides high-quality welded wire mesh suitable for various applications, including aviation, electronics, and more.

Control Panels

Choose from a range of custom control panel designs suitable for industrial applications. Our experienced team provides information and assistance to meet your control panel requirements, making us your trusted supplier.