Retrofitting & Upgrades

Quality Results

AlMeer Saudi’s Retrofitting and Upgrades Services aims to improve the performance, efficiency, safety, and functionality of existing equipment, systems, or infrastructure belonging to our clients. These approaches are often preferred over complete replacements when it’s more cost-effective or practical to enhance and modernize existing assets. Moreover, modification or enhancement of existing equipment, facilities, or systems is performed to improve their performance, functionality, and compliance with new standards or regulations.

What We Do?

Modification or enhancement of existing equipment, facilities, or systems to improve performance, functionality, or compliance with new standards or regulations.

Installation or replacement of components, parts, or systems with newer or more advanced versions to improve overall performance, functionality, or capabilities.

Assessment of existing assets conditions and analysis of requirements for retrofitting and upgrades.

What Drives Us?

Major industrial giants entrust AlMeer with their facility maintenance, benefiting from our decades of experience. Our unmatched knowledge enables us to ensure optimum performance and high returns for our clients. We are experts in maintaining wellheads, pipelines, instrumentation, electrical systems, rotating equipment, and much more. With meticulous planning and comprehensive maintenance solutions, we support clients by allowing them to focus on their core activities, while we handle their invaluable assets with accuracy and expertise.