Shutdowns and T&Is

Quality Results

AlMeer Saudi has an effective system that dictate a set of procedures which allow for timely execution of maintenance work of our customer’s facilities during Shutdowns. AlMeer Saudi takes on the full responsibility of all Turnaround and Inspection (T&I) activities including integral processes where equipment and structural reliability, safety, and compliance are given paramount importance. AlMeer Saudi has proven experience in T&I, which serves as a testament to meeting critical and planned shutdown schedules of facilities including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Power, and other process industries.

What We Do?

Maintenance works to ensure safe and efficient operation of equipment.

Perform maintenance of all facility equipment to address issues such as corrosion, equipment deterioration, and the replacement of worn-out components.

Full turnaround of equipment and machinery with inspections, repairs, and upgrades as necessary, in addition to cleaning, testing, overhauling, and replacing parts.

Assessment of equipment, infrastructure, and components for operating conditions, identifying any defects or issues, and determination of compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

Early identification of potential problems to prevent equipment failures, accidents, and production downtime.

Application of various inspection techniques, including visual inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) methods such as ultrasonic testing and radiography, and analytical methods to assess the integrity and performance of equipment.

What Drives Us?

Major industrial giants entrust AlMeer with their facility maintenance, benefiting from our decades of experience. Our unmatched knowledge enables us to ensure optimum performance and high returns for our clients. We are experts in maintaining wellheads, pipelines, instrumentation, electrical systems, rotating equipment, and much more. With meticulous planning and comprehensive maintenance solutions, we support clients by allowing them to focus on their core activities, while we handle their invaluable assets with accuracy and expertise.