Specialized Services

Systems Integration & Automation

AlMeer Saudi’s Automation Services is committed to tailoring solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. With a team of experienced and skilled Automation Engineers, we address all aspects of plant automation – whether it be simple machine control panels to advanced PLC, Network, and SCADA systems. Our timely and dedicated support ensures efficient problem-solving and quick resolution of breakdown situations.

Valve Services

Our highly skilled technicians provide on-site, emergency, and scheduled repair services. Whether it’s gate, globe, check, ball, or butterfly valves, or mounted AOV or MOV actuators, we have the tools and technical expertise to promptly restore them to their original working condition.

Analyzer Maintenance Services

AlMeer Saudi offers a comprehensive range of analyzer services with expertise in various industries like chemicals, petroleum refining, environmental, and more. Our capabilities include gas analyzers, chromatographs, infrared spectrometers, and more. We provide on-site field services, performance audits, and commissioning support to ensure maximum operating performance. Our technical support team is readily available to assist with any inquiries or emergencies.

Calibration Services

With AlMeer’s Calibration equipment being UKAS/NIST certified, our Calibration Division offers a wide range of services to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your measuring instruments:

Bolt Torquing & Tensioning

AlMeer Saudi’s Bolting solutions spans a full range of bolt tightening and bolt tensioning tools and equipment, with qualified engineers and technicians available for all types of services including on-site commissioning. Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our clients’ assets, including flanged joints, is of paramount importance to us. The adherence to our ISO 9001 Quality System allows for efficient and effective delivery of our services to meet our customers’ requirements.

Cathodic Protection Services

AlMeer Saudi’s Cathodic Protection Services ensures full protection of your metallic structures:


AlMeer offers Mothballing solutions to prevent corrosive atmospheric elements from damaging idle equipment and preserve integrity. As a global leader in corrosion protection technologies, AlMeer provides full-scale recommendations and support for Mothballing and asset preservation. Whether storing a single gearbox or shutting down an entire facility, AlMeer’s solutions help cut operating expenses and maintain valuable assets.

Blasting & Painting

AlMeer delivers top-notch blasting and painting services with a skilled team and advanced technology. Our services encompass painting, scaffolding, grit blasting, hydro blasting, and more. We excel in projects such as deck, hatch, pipeline coatings, tank cleaning, and engine room painting. With a commitment to quality, we ensure optimal surface preparation for marine industry needs. Our services include hydro-blasting, structural and pipe painting, UHP blasting, and more, all performed with precision and environmental consciousness.

Wellhead Maintenance

At AlMeer, we understand the importance of wellhead maintenance for safe and reliable oil and gas production. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of wellhead maintenance services to meet the needs of our customers.

Our wellhead maintenance services include:

Wellhead Maintenance