Testing & Commissioning


Efficient Results

At AlMeer, we possess extensive knowledge and experience that enables us to develop tailored testing and maintenance programs to meet your present needs and future requirements. Our testing and commissioning services are designed to ensure the long-term, efficient operation of electrical generation and delivery systems.

What We Do?

Specialization in pre-commissioning works of new power plants and EHV substations, adhering to all industry standards.

Utilization of modern testing equipment and instruments by experienced engineers, following international standards.

Annual testing schedules for various power plants and substations, with prompt response to emergencies for quick resolution.

Testing and commissioning services for new power plants and preventive maintenance for existing plants.

Regular equipment testing on scheduled maintenance cycles.


What Drives Us?

At AlMeer, we are driven by the aim to ensure the smooth assembly and operation of your equipment while effectively managing geotechnical risks. Our commitment to providing value and reliability in our projects enables us to offer top-notch commissioning services.
With our expertise in testing and commissioning of electrical equipment and protection systems, we strive to promote safe and efficient functioning of power plants and substations up to 765kV, supporting the growth of our clients’ operations.